If you’re coming to Inti Raymi, you will want to know a few basic phrases to say hello to your hosts – not to mention thanking them for the fantastic food. So here are a handful of greetings and pleasantries in Imbabura Quichua.
Good morning ali punzha
Good evening ali chishi
You may want to ask how your new friend is doing – or how how their spouse or children are:
How are you? imashnazhata kangi?
How is your (wife, husband, child)? imashnazhata kan kamba (warmi, kusa, churi)?
And of course you’ll want to be able to reply:
I am fine alimi kani
I’m not so great na alimi kani
My (mother, husband) is well nyukapa (mama, kusa) alimi kan
If you meet someone you don’t know, you’ll want to get to know them.
What is your name? ima shutita kangi?
My name is … nyuka shutimi kan …
What is their name? ima shutita kan kay?
Inti Raymi will have fantastic food. If you want, you can ask about the various dishes:
What is this/that? imata yari?
And answer questions or indicate how much you love the food:
Yes ari
No na
Okay maskiya
Sure (informal) sirtupi
You’ll want to thank your hosts:
Thank you paygi
It’s nothing imatazha
You’re welcome imatashi
Thanks very much! dyusul paygi
Eventually, the sad time will come when you must leave. Be sure to say goodbye:
See you later rikurishun
Until tomorrow kaya kaman
Until later ashta kashkaman