Inti Raymi is a festival of the native Quechua of the Andes. The celebration is dedicated to the Creator and to Creation, which is to say, to Nature, to Father Sun and Mother Earth, to give good harvest and good fruit, to bring joy and an encounter between different peoples. For the indigenous people of Ecuador, it is a reason to keep a part of our tradition, so as not to give up the good richness of our culture both within and outside of Ecuador.  Inti Raymi is where our children can continue cultivating their identity as children of the Quechua people.

The Quechua community in San Francisco will be celebrating Inti Raymi June 14-15:

Location: 1249 Alabama St, San Francisco
Mon, June 14, 3 pm – 9 pm: Sports & Dancing
Tue, June 15, 6 pm – midnight: Food, Dancing and Culture
Admission is Free

Would you like to know what to expect? Check out some pictures from last year’s Inti Raymi:

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